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Dessert & Discussion

Bi-monthly we offer a support event we like to call Dessert & Discussion. This event is offered in a private home to maintain privacy. Members each bring a dessert to share. 

This is NOT facilitated by a counselor. It is just a discussion among our members about what it is like to live with an STD. Those who have had the disease for years can offer advice based on their personal experience.

Information from organizations such as the American Social Health Association and the Center for Disease Control will be available for those who would like to learn more about the disease itself.

Contact Us to find out the dates & locations of our next Dessert & Discussion.

Personal Support

In the future we hope to create a referral network of health & wellness practitioners who specialize in STD- related illnesses.

Join Us on the website for a discreet way to discuss the issues you are needing answers to.

* We are not healthcare professionals. Please consult your medical practitioner or licensed counselor for any diagnostic or health related questions.

Helpful Information:

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