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Who We Are

We are just like you. One day we woke up to discover that a virus had changed our lives. 

We wanted a safe environment where we could meet, find support and information, as well as find potential partners who we wouldn’t have to give “the talk” to.

Now we have about 1500 people in our group. We are always amazed that people in the group are surprisingly like us. They were good people and quickly became good friends. .

What is Coloradohfriends? Well, it is many different things to many different people who all have one thing in common.

For all of us it is a support group. A a place to ask questions, get answers, find comfort and hear advice from others who know what we are going through.

For some of us it is a social site where you can meet up with others who have the some of the same issues as you and who always make you feel welcome.

For some it is a dating site where they can meet someone, hopefully make a connection and never have to worry about having "THE TALK".

For most of us, it is all of the above. We have members from all age groups, different back grounds and all walks of life.

What is Coloradohfriends? It is what ever YOU need it to be. We are here for you, you are not alone and we welcome you to our group. 

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