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What to Expect

What are members like?

How many members do you have?
We currently have over 1500 members and growing quickly.

Where do they live?
Most of our members live in the Denver area. Some come from other cities along the Front Range such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins. Some live in the mountain towns.

What type of lifestyle do they lead?
Most of our members are professionals, business owners or hardworking, independent contractors. The majority of our members have advanced education.

What ages are the members?
We have members from 18 to 80. The largest population falls between 35 and 50. However there are usually plenty of interesting people in any age range.

Can I meet someone for a serious relationship?
Yes! We’ve had a number of marriages from our group. Many people find that special someone through our activities and our online dating.

What if I am already married and just looking for friends?
We are a social & support group. We have many couples (most who met in our group) who come to various events. We even have events, such as Zoo trips, for people with children.

What if I am Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual?
Although the group is primarily heterosexual, our membership includes anyone who has herpes. Our profiles allow people to post if they are looking for a Male, Female or Either. 

These are people who have an STD. Are they morally loose?
With an estimated number of over 1 million people having herpes in Colorado, you can be assured that the people with this virus are well within the norm of society. Many people in the group actually received this virus from a spouse or cherished partner, not by sleeping around. 

Does everyone talk about the disease all the time?
Actually, except at support meetings, we rarely mention our disease unless we are prompted by another member. We are there for support so if someone has questions they are always welcome to discuss them in a conscientious manner. Most of the time though we are focused on making new friends and getting to know each other.

What to expect at events?

What kinds of events do you have?
Our events range from support groups to parties, hiking & camping, travel and trips. We post an event calendar and you can register for events right from our private members website. The website allows you to view which other members have signed up to attend. Click Here for more descriptions about the types of events we have.

Are events kept private? (for more information please click Privacy)
We keep most events private to our members only. Even in public, our events are usually held in private rooms at bars or have some kind of signal to identify us to our members. 

Sometimes members will post an event in which they have also included their out-of-group friends... such as a birthday party. Those events are clearly marked as an “Open” event. The host of that event will outline instructions on how to handle that event if you choose to participate. If you are not comfortable with that level of exposure, you can just choose not to attend that event. 

How can I identify this group when out in public?
We have special names and signals to help you find us at public events. The information on how to find us, or how we will mark our group, is clearly posted on each event listing. 

Who decides what activities the group does?
Our members decide! The administration makes sure that we have a couple basic events each month. Any additional events are created by the members themselves. 

And our Gold membership allows you to create online activity groups. That allows people of similar interests to create small groups that can meet together for karaoke or sailing or just about anything you like.

What are the costs of events?
Many of our events are free, such as Meet n Greet, Dessert and Discussion and local events like Jazz in the Park or First Friday Art Walk. Other events range in price depending on the type of event. All prices are clearly posted and you do not have to attend anything if it is out of your price range. There are plenty of events to choose from. Usually the cost of an event is the cost of the venue. (IE: For Bowling you would pay for the game and your shoes. At a restaurant you would buy your own food and drink.)

Do you do have any travel events?
On occasion we have local trips for skiing and camping and such.

What are the membership fees?
There are no membership fees for social events. They are free for all our members. Cost are only those associated when the events themselves have costs like concerts, restaurant food or trips. 

For those who want to participate in online dating, we have a regular free membership or a Gold Membership that helps the organization raise money to support our events.

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