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Discretion & Privacy Issues

How do you keep my information private?

  • Potential members must fill out the form provided here. Information is reviewed and people given a brief screening interview. 
  • Once a member is accepted they are given a link to our private members website, as well as a user name and password to the site.
  • Our private website is not advertised on any search engine. In fact it has been programmed to basically be “blind” to search engines. So members can only join through our screening process.
  • Photos on the site are protected so that people cannot copy or save them to their computers.
  • Photos are also shown only to Gold or lifetime members. Members also have an option of “locking” their photos so that they can only be seen with a password that the member can give out when they choose.
  • The site is on a private server with a company who is also a member of our club. Our programmer is also a member of the club.
  • Billing for membership is done through a company name that in no way indicates a relationship to herpes, hpv or any STD.

Is my information ever given out or sold?
No. Your information is only used within our organization, so that we can check to make sure the person joining our group is a real person, not a fake name of a potential voyeur. 

We also collect information so that we can contact members about support groups or upcoming events. We will not give out any private information to a third party.

How do you keep our activities private when we meet in public?
We have special names for our group when out in public so that you can find us. These names will not indicate the nature of the group. We also have ways of indicating our location with some type of marker, balloon or flowers. How we are identifying ourselves is listed on each calendar event posting.

What are the privacy guidelines for members?
All members are requested to keep the identity of others private. Conversations regarding our disease are to be kept to a minimum during public gatherings.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could tell my friends or relatives who are curious about the new group I’ve joined?
For some people friends and families are in the loop about their disease. For others, privacy is a concern even with those who are closest to them. We have a growing list of fun things to tell friends and relatives about your new social group that will let friends and family know that you are socializing but will discourage further questions.

While we are aware that no social group can claim perfect privacy, be assured that we understand the need for discretion. We work hard to protect the identity of our members.

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