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Online Dating

All our members, are given a FREE profile on our website. As a free member, you can join us for activities and post to the support forum. You also have access to our educational information about dating with herpes & hpv.

In order to support our organization, we have upgraded services for online dating that act as a fundraiser for our group.  Both the free aspects of our support group and the pay areas for our fundraising efforts are listed below. 

Here is a list of your choices:

Free Membership Includes:

  • Online Profile
  • Receive emails from Gold Members
  • Ongoing Social Activities

Support Our Cause!

Many of our members choose to upgrade to a Gold membership. The dues for Gold membership help to support our group in creating social events and maintaining our website. It is a big part of our fundraising effort.

Gold Membership Includes:

  • Online Profile
  • Contact & Respond to Other Members
  • View Pictures
  • Picture Protection - for those who want to secure their pictures.
  • Events Listings with view of Participants for each event
  • Ongoing Social Activities
  • Personal Blog


The best part is that your Gold membership helps to keep our group going. With money from this site we can expand our advertising and reach more people. We can also create more activities and events.

Helpful Information:

Giving “The Talk”


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