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Pink Tent - Are you a woman living with herpes? Welcome to Pink Tent™, a virtual community gathering of mothers, friends, and sisters dedicated to empowering, educating, and inspiring all women living with herpes.

ASHA- the American Social Health Association has information about all STD’s. They also have special sections for herpes and hpv. You can sign up for their monthly newsletter or order their book on living with herpes.

Planned Parenthood - Planned parenthood has medical information that can help people with herpes.Denver Health STD Clinic - Denver health offers testing, information and support information.

Hwerks - Hwerks has links to nationwide events. They also offer nationwide online dating.

Dating with Herpes - This site was created by the San Francisco Bay Area support group. It has links to information and support across the country. - a huge resource for information.

Helpful Information:

Giving “The Talk”


Article about Herpes in Denver

Links to sites nationwide


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