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In the interest of creating a positive, supportive environment we have created a few guidelines to protect our members.

1. Be positive! Mind your manners! Be considerate of all, especially when posting. If you disagree with someone keep it respectful.

2. Ours is a social group, yet also serves an educational and supportive role. So do not think of us as a meat market so much as a meeting place for friendship, support and possible dating.

3. We are run by our members! If you have an idea for an event, let us hear about it. Your help to organize and/or host an event is greatly appreciated.

4. If you know someone else who 'qualifies', please invite them to check us out! Recruiting help and suggestions are always welcome and needed.

5. Any illegal, rude or disrespectful activity at a function or on our yahoogroup is grounds for dismissal from the group.

6. Although we have no ban on picture taking, please use discretion when taking pictures. Please ask whether a member is interested in having their picture taken.

P.S. A big thanks to the Kansas group who I borrowed a lot of these guidelines from... and to the Ohio group who the Kansas group borrowed from... lol!

Getting Started!

Click Here to join us at our yahoogroup. We are a free group.

After joining the yahoogroup you will start receiving posts of our fellow members. You can adjust your settings so you get an email once a day with all the posts listed on it for that day.

Also, within a few days of joining you will receive an email describing the details of our group. It will also explain how you can identify us when we are in a public meeting like a bar or a restaurant. 

You will then be added to our private evite list. When events take place we will send out an evite to all our members.

The evite will tell you all the details of where, when, how much, and how to identify your host.

So join now! We have events coming soon!

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