Dating with H

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Dating with H

Your social life is not over just because you have contracted herpes. There are plenty of ways to meet interesting, attractive people. 

Or, if you’ve found a love interest that doesn’t have herpes, then we have tips on how to tell them and how to keep them as safe as possible.

Dating Services:

    MPWH -- Meet People with H offers one of the oldest running and largest online dating services for people with Herpes and HPV. It is completely private and there are over 70,000 people to choose from. Click Here for more information.

    Positive Singles -- The largest site for people with STD’s of any type. Click Here for more information.

Social Groups

    Nearly every major metropolitan area has some kind of group for herpes. Our group in Colorado has over 425 members and growing weekly! Monthly events include happy hour, movie night, hiking, and our planning party. We have a winter ski trip coming up soon! Click Here for more information. To join, you will need to sign up for a yahoo id. It is easy and free. 

    For privacy, we recommend that you use a name different from your own. Our yahoogroup is listed on yahoo so if you use your real name, someone could search it and possibly pull you up on our site.

Local Personals:

    Another great way to date is to place a personals ad in your local paper or on Craig’s List with a title of “Herpes,” then describe yourself as you normally would. That way only people with herpes, or people who fine with it, will respond to your ad.

Dating non-herpsters

    We’ve all been there. You’ve found someone special you want to date and it’s time to give “the talk.” Here are some tips and facts you can use to make it go more smoothly.

Know the Risks

The annual risk of herpes transmission (between sexually active partners having sex regularly) is approximately 10% per year. 

Studies were performed on partnerships where one herpes infected partner was aware of their condition and abstained from sex during and around the time of an outbreak. Transmission rates ranged from 5-10%

It is possible to spread herpes in between outbreaks through asymptomatic shedding. Taking a suppressive medication has found to cut transmission rates in half. Using condoms also cuts transmission rates in half.

That means the use suppressive therapy combined with condoms can be very effective at preventing transmission. Although transmission may still take place. 

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