About Us

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Welcome to Colorado H Friends!

Colorado H Friends is a Herpes/HPV Social Group. Our goal is to organize a place for folks in Colorado to meet and greet one another in a safe and friendly setting.

The idea is for folks to come together and plan events when it's convenient for you. If you have Herpes or HPV please feel free to join our group and ask questions.

Our events are focused in the Denver Metro area, with events also hosted in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

We are interested in what you have to say. Please feel free to post messages to our yahoogroup.

We hope you will all get involved. Also, you can make this group better by talking with others, posting messages and showing up to get-togethers. Be an example for your fellow members. This group is getting better and better. Let's keep the momentum going!

When you create your ID, we recommend you don't use your real first and last real name, should you wish to be anonymous. (also if you signing up to post spam, your login and posts will be deleted :) )


Getting Started!

Click Here to join us at our yahoogroup. We are a free group.

After joining the yahoogroup you will start receiving posts of our fellow members. You can adjust your settings so you get an email once a day with all the posts listed on it for that day.

Also, within a few days of joining you will receive an email describing the details of our group. It will also explain how you can identify us when we are in a public meeting like a bar or a restaurant. 

You will then be added to our private evite list. When events take place we will send out an evite to all our members.

The evite will tell you all the details of where, when, how much, and how to identify your host.

So join now! We have events coming soon!

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Questions/Comments Contact ajoy4livn@yahoo.com