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Dr. Kelly talking about Herpes.


Dr. Kelly is our support group leader and holds a BA in Psychology and a minor in Biology from the University of Colorado and is a Herpes Wellness Expert. She is a God send to our group!. You can see more of her helpful videos free on Youtube.

Click HERE to purchase Dr. Kelly's book Live, Love, and Thrive with Herpes in Paperback or e-book

Other Youtube vieos from Dr Kelly.
Living with Herpes
Talk About Herpes
Herpes and Pregnancy

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We are a nonprofit support & education group dedicated to people with herpes in Colorado. Get more information now!

We have over 1800 members (so far!) from along the Front Range: Primarily in the Denver metro area but also in Boulder, Colorado Springs, & Ft. Collins and many other cities.


Find support from people with herpes or hpv just like you. Monthly meetings 





Social Gatherings
We have a variety of social events
& organized activities. Most are free or low cost. 





For singles we offer educational support on how to date with an STD. We also offer local online dating.



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